IHL Hockey

ihl-hockey.com - Hockey fans can rejoice. The official website for the IHL (International Hockey League) is still active. The IHL closed down in 2001, but the site continues to update itself regularly. The website is for hockey fans who...
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covercab.co.uk - It can be a challenge to compare and buy taxi insurance, however, a website such as CoverCab can put you on the right path to doing so with a high level of success. Not only will you...
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beliefnet.com - For inspiration, spirituality, and faith, there are many websites that will call your name. However, Beliefnet is the one of the best for a variety of reasons, including the overall design as well as the depth of...
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Mental Health

mentalhealth.gov - This website is a government run website, from the Department of Health and Human Services, to help address mental health issues. Whether you are diagnosed with a mental health issue, think you may have a mental health...
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Da Vinci Vaporizer

davincivaporizer.com - Da Vinci is a personal vaporizer manufacturer. Unlike the pen-style products made to resemble cigarettes, these devices are larger, but still portable for use wherever you go. This website is the official website for the portable vaporizers....
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ciglites.com - The electronic cigarette industry is growing in popularity, and Ciglites has found itself square in the middle of the action. Despite the fact that there are many companies doing business in this space, selling a variety of...
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