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08 PM | 10 Jan

Do You Have a Top Blog?

submitOnce upon a time… when the internet was still young, when there was still no good way of finding great websites to view… the model began evolving. First, people created what were known as web rings and any similar website could join. They would refer traffic to one another, back when things were simple and innocent. Then folks decided to create website directories where they would collect every website they could find on every topic. Some of these were even sold as physical paper books the size of encyclopedias! Ultimately, the internet exploded and size and this was no longer a possibility. Then search engines appeared on the scene in droves, all using broken algorithms that people would exploit to appear at the top. It was still impossible to find good websites!

Not any more! TopBlogLists has arrived on the scene. We are the best of all these concepts, molded into one. Instead of collecting every website out there, we only keep the best ones. Instead of trying to have a computer sort out which is best, we are using human intellect and concepts of art and quality, instead of relying on mechanical signals which can be manipulated. So is your website good? Is it really that good though, really? Submit it to us and let us decide! If it is, we’ll add it to the site and you can get in front of viewers who don’t want to wade through trash.

The only caveat here is that we are isolating ourselves to blogs. There are great stores and other informational sites, but we are focusing on community and casual based websites where people can interact, comment, and follow along with the regular posts that are made. Blogging is not a new concept and has certainly grown beyond just the idea of keeping a journal online. But it is still the best iteration of website styles online, and the blogosphere is huge. So here we are, ready to sort it out for you, the seeker. Give us feedback and submit your favorites. We are TopBlogLists and blog readers just like you. Help us help you!

09 PM | 09 Mar

IHL Hockey

hockey – Hockey fans can rejoice. The official website for the IHL (International Hockey League) is still active. The IHL closed down in 2001, but the site continues to update itself regularly. The website is for hockey fans who love hockey. IHL fans will love the bits of history and news you can find on the site. Professional hockey fans will love the coverage of all hockey events and everything hockey.The blog is written by veteran hockey players. There is a team that works together, but most of it is written by one former hockey player. His love for the game shines through on every post. Each post is written a in a very friendly, informative tone. Each entry is very detailed…

08 PM | 09 Mar

Best Home Security Companies

security – Home security systems are difficult to shop for. There are numerous companies that offer home security services. Comparing them by yourself can be confusing and overwhelming. Best Home Security Companies takes care of this for you. They list the top five best home security companies in America. They also give you vital information to help you decide which one is for you. Website DesignThe design of this website uses the primary colors red and blue to draw attention to what is important. The site is very easy to navigate. It is not cluttered. Everything is separated neatly into two sections. The most important information is located at the top of each…

08 PM | 02 Mar

Philly Injury Lawyer

philly – While some websites in the legal field come up short, the same cannot be said about Philly Injury Lawyer. As you peruse this site, you will fall in love with the layout, overall design, color selection, and of course, the quality of the content.For a law firm to stay competitive in today’s day and age, it needs a web presence that attracts and engages visitors – and that is exactly what this Philadelphia car accident lawyer is doing. From the homepage to the internal pages, each one is professionally designed and full of high quality content that informs readers.There are several content areas on the homepage, providing the reader with all the information…

12 AM | 15 Apr

medical – These days folks are focused on getting a job that pays well and is able to keep them on long term. In a down economy it is difficult to gauge where the jobs are. MedlicalOnlineAssistancePrograms is packed with in-depth information to show you what you can expect if you choose to enroll in medical assistant courses online. Medical online assistance programs and certificates vary by state, so it’s vital to do your homework before committing to any one program. Across the page, we see a breakdown of how in demand medical assistants are and how relevant the position will be through the end of this decade. That is a major selling point for medical…

06 PM | 07 Apr

Salon Advantage

salons – With millions of salons scattered from one side of the world to the next, these establishments are well aware of how much competition they are up against. Fortunately, there are ways to move to the top of the industry. Enter Salon Advantage.Salon Advantage’s smart salon software provides and ensures that those who use this are able to outdo the competition time and time again.As the number one provider of salon software for independent salons in the UK, it is easy to see just how much of an impact the company has had on the industry as a whole. While there are similar solutions to consider, there are many reasons why Salon Advantage has moved to the forefront,…

08 PM | 25 Mar

Best 5

best – A quick glance at the tagline of Best 5 explains why this website is quickly becoming popular: We Review the Best 5 of Everything.No matter if you are interested in learning more about electronics, technology, online business, or another topic, you can be rest assured that you will find it here.Website DesignWhile some websites provide high quality content, many are unable to do so on a website that is also visually appealing. Fortunately, this is not the case with Best 5. From the first moment you visit this site, you will realize that it is laid out with the user in mind.At the top of the page you will find a navigation bar, complete with links to all of the categories….

08 PM | 25 Mar


vimeo – Vimeo is a cute, quirky little website that caters to people who love independent videos and film without the influence of commercialism. In fact, Vimeo makes a point to keep all commercialism separate from the main website. Commercial companies are allowed to sign up for Vimeo, but are limited in how they use their accounts. Limited Commercialism Vimeo has three types of accounts: free, plus and pro. The pro account is more suited for businesses, like this New Jersey Traffic Lawyer for instance. You can post videos to your pro account that you did not create, as long as you have permission to do so. For the other two accounts, you have to post your own videos. Vimeo does not…

04 AM | 24 Mar

Stethoscope Reviews

stethoscope reviews – There are many cool things about this site that concerns stethoscope reviews,, that makes it stand out amongst many other similar websites out there dealing with product reviews. Most are very shoddily thrown together and simply hope to move users over to a site where they can buy the product and maybe make some money when they do it. This site, however, seems to honestly hope to provide legit information as they go about this mission. All of this starts with the attractive table of reviews on the home page. These guys have created a short cut. They give you a frame of reference about the different tiers of quality…

12 AM | 18 Mar

Work Examiner

work – Work Examiner is a website that is designed for companies and business who want to track everything that employees do online. More and more companies and businesses are online now than ever before and many supply computers that employees use daily. The biggest issue that some employers is having employees doing other things besides work-related items on the computers. This amounts to lost time and profits which can hurt the company or business. Work Examiner can be used to find out where the time is lost and how to change that into productivity by using computer monitoring software to find the time leaks.Importance on DetailWork Examiner’s homepage presents a…

12 AM | 18 Mar

Financial Trading School

trading – Financial Trading School knows that getting an education is important. In a sea of schools and ones that are specifically tailored to finance, it’s important to stand out above the rest. One thing that helps Financial Trading School is the fact that an education in finance is in demand. Simple, Yet Efficient DesignAt first look, the Financial Trading School website is very basic. There is some color on the site but mostly black and white images and text are what meets the eye. The simple design is efficient because it gets the message across, which that they are ready to teach you how to trade binary options. With just enough color to contrast the…

12 AM | 18 Mar

Tom Geoco

tom – The Internet is a goldmine of all kinds of websites and what makes a website unique is a number of things. The website is one of those websites that is not only simple but it really catches the eye. The site is designed to help people optimize using SEO, Phoenix internet marketing, and it specializes in web design. So, it’s no wonder it stands out. It’s designed as an example for anyone who wants to use the website’s offerings.A Cut AboveBeing a web designer and marketing expert, this website is not only designed to show what Tom Geoco can do for business and people who want a top-of-the-line website. The simple design makes it really easy to read…

12 AM | 18 Mar


spclive – In this day and age, staying competitive online and in the real world is very important. SPClive knows this and one way that the company maintains its edge is through its website. It provides clients with management methodologies that helps clients generate insights through analytics. This thought process help businesses and companies attain and maintain competitive positions within the market. It also provides them with the ability to stay on top of the items they sell.All AppearanceThe SPClive website is easy-to-navigate. The different menu options located at the top of the page makes it possible to find the information needed by customers quickly and effortlessly….

12 AM | 18 Mar


variscite – Variscite is one of those companies that strives on being cutting edge. With their module solutions and high end manufacturing, they strive for excellence and staying in the lead. Offering various products, including the amazing Dart 4460 augmented reality glasses, they are a trusted provider for a variety of embedded platforms. This means, they are able to transform clients’ visions from concept into successful products. Their website is no different. With its simple yet sophisticated look, it showcases their products well.Easy To NavigateWhen it comes down to it, no one wants to have to figure out how to navigate any website. Especially if the objective is to…